The Diary of Melanie Martin: Or How I Survived Matt the Brat


Author: Weston, Carol
ISBN: 9780440416678 Publisher: Random House Children's Books

Dear Diary, You will never in a million years guess where IÕm going....Italy! In Europe!! Across the ocean!!! I even have a passport. ItÕs really cool, except IÕm squinting my eyes in the photo, so I look like a dork. At least thatÕs what my brother said. I call him Matt the Brat. You would too. Trust me....

When Melanie Martin heads to Italy on a family vacation with her art-obsessed mom, her grumpy dad, and her little brother, she has no idea what sheÕs in for. As she discovers Michelangelo, Italian ice cream, and poetry, she also realizes how much her family means to her. Maybe she wonÕt trade them in after all.

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