Pele, King of Soccer/Pele, El Rey del Futbol Monica Brown, R


Author: Brown, Monica/ Gutierrez, Rudy (ILT)/ Gayesky, Fernando (TRN)
ISBN: 9780061227790 Publisher: Harpercollins Childrens Books

Do you know how a poor boy from Brazil who loved fœtbol more than anything else became the biggest soccer star the world has ever known? Turn the pages of this book to read the true life story of PelŽ, King of Soccer, the first man in the history of the sport to score a thousand goals and become a living legend. Rudy GutiŽrrez's dynamic illustrations make award-winning author Monica Brown's story of this remarkable sports hero truly come alive!

ÀSabes c—mo un ni–o brasile–o pobre que amaba el fœtbol m‡s que nada en el mundo se convirti— en la estrella m‡s importante del deporte? Lee este relato y entŽrate de la historia de PelŽ, El rey del fœtbol; el primer hombre en la historia del deporte capaz de marcar mil goles y convertirse en una leyenda viva. Las din‡micas ilustraciones de Rudy GutiŽrrez destacan v’vidamente los momentos recreados por la escritora premiada M—nica Brown en este extraordinario libro.

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