Hail to the Chief


Author: Robb, Don
ISBN: 9781580892865 Publisher: Charlesbridge

Newly updated to include every president from George Washington to Barack Obama, this book explores the office of the presidency and its power.

Although we know the president of the United States as the person who runs the government of our nation, do we know what the responsibilities of the president actually are? And, do we understand what effect his actions have? HAIL TO THE CHIEF: THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY details how this job was inaugurated, how it has changed over time, and why the person in this position is considered one of the most important and powerful leaders in the world.

Alan Witschonke's bold portraits and sweeping depictions of the circumstances that have made the American presidency a notable and compelling subject for the entire world will capture the interest of young readers. HAIL TO THE CHIEF brings vividly into focus all the exciting details of the office of the President of the United States.

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