Bucking the Sarge


Author: Curtis, Christopher Paul
ISBN: 9780440413318 Publisher: Random House Childrens Books

Luther T. Farrell has got to get out of Flint, Michigan.

As his best friend Sparky says, ÒFlintÕs nothing but the Titanic.Ó

And his mother, a.k.a. the Sarge, says, ÒTake my advice and stay off the sucker path.Ó

The Sarge milked the system to build an empire of slum housing and group homes. LutherÕs just one of the many people trapped in the SargeÕs Evil EmpireÑbut heÕs about to bust out.

If Luther wins the science fair this year, heÕll be on track for college and a future as AmericaÕs best-known and best-loved philosopher. All heÕs got to do is beat his arch rival Shayla Patrick, the beautiful daughter of FlintÕs finest undertakerÑand the love of LutherÕs life.

SparkyÕs escape plans involve a pit bull named Poofy and the worldÕs scariest rat. Oh, and Luther. Add to the mix Chester X., LutherÕs mysterious roommate; Dontay Gaddy, a lawyer whose phone number is 1-800-SUEÕM ALL; and Darnell Dixon, the SargeÕs go-to guy who knows how to break all the rules.

Bucking the Sarge is a story that only Christopher Paul Curtis could tell. Once again the Newbery AwardÐwinning author of Bud, Not Buddy and The Watsons Go to BirminghamÑ1963 gives us a whole new angle on life and a world full of unforgettable and hilarious characters. Readers will root for Luther and Sparky every step of the way.

Praise for The Watsons Go to BirminghamÑ1963:

ÒAn exceptional first novel.ÓÑPublishers Weekly, Starred

ÒRibald humor . . . and a totally believable childÕs view of the world will make this book an instant hit.ÓÑSchool Library

Journal, Starred

Praise for Bud, Not Buddy:

ÒCurtis has given a fresh, new look to a traditional orphan-finds-a-home story that would be a crackerjack read-aloud.Ó

ÑSchool Library Journal, Starred

From the Hardcover edition.

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