Ask an Animal


Author: Smith, Miranda
ISBN: 9780785828990 Publisher: Chartwell Books

How can some animals change color, when we can't? How can they grow new limbs when one gets broken? How can they hear sounds we can't hear, or predict a storm long before we can? If you want to know the answer to these and many other questions, just ask an animal! This brightly colored, kid-friendly, hardcover reference book is packed to the gills with trunk-fulls of animal information.

Animals use different skills to perform these extraordinary feats, so for each question, there are answers from several creatures, each of whom has developed his or her own special skills. On each page there is a box explaining how humans try to emulate these animal super-skills, with varying degrees of success! The book is divided into four sections, each dealing with different aspects of animal skills. Chapters on the physical traits and feats of animals, their senses, their climates and habitats, and their extreme skills will leave readers with a plethora of details about their friends in the animal kingdom. Complete with a glossary and an index, this is a handy reference book for any curious child.

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