American History Revised


Author: Morris, Seymour, Jr.
ISBN: 9780307587602 Publisher: Random House Inc

ÒAmerican History Revised is as informative as it is entertaining and humorous. Filled with irony, surprises, and long-hidden secrets, the book does more than revise American history, it reinvents it.Ó ÑJames Bamford,

bestselling author of The Puzzle Palace, Body of Secrets, and The Shadow Factory

This spirited reexamination of American history delves into our past to expose hundreds ofstartling facts that never made it into the textbooks, and highlights how little-known peopleand events played surprisingly influential roles in the great American story.

We tend to think of history as settled, set in stone, but American History Revised reveals a past that is filled with ironies, surprises, and misconceptions. Living abroad for twelve years gave author Seymour Morris Jr. the opportunity to view his country as an outsider and compelled him to examine American history from a fresh perspective. As Morris colorfully illustrates through the 200

historical vignettes that make up this book, much of our nationÕs past is quite differentÑand far more remarkableÑthan we thought.

We discover that:

¥ In the 1950s Ford was approached by two Japanese companies begging for a joint venture. Ford declined their offers, calling them makers of Òtin cars.Ó The two companies were Toyota and Nissan.

¥ Eleanor Roosevelt and most womenÕs groups opposed the Equal Rights Amendment

forbidding gender discrimination.

¥ The two generals who ended the Civil War werenÕt Grant and Lee.

¥ The #1 bestselling American book of all time was written in one day.

¥ The Dutch made a bad investment buying Manhattan for $24.

¥ Two young girls aimed someday to become First LadyÑand succeeded.

¥ Three times, a private financier saved the United States from bankruptcy.

Organized into ten thematic chapters, American History Revised plumbs American historyÕs numerous inconsistencies, twists, and turns to make it come alive again.

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