PTA and PTO, You Have a New Kind of Online

Book Fair to Provide You the Resources You Want 

School book fairs raise money for some schools. However, many schools do not have them, and they typically run for just a week.

Now, PTAs and PTOs all have an online book fair to generate funds for sports equipment, and it runs every day of the year. In fact, yours is already running here at

  • Parents and others save 10% on every book for children and teens.
  • You get a 7.5% donation towards the resources you want and your students need.

Most children’s books ($3 billion a year) are sold through channels that do not donate (one site donates just 0.5%). Imagine the impact if some of that $3 billion went to provide resources for you and other schools. is the only bookstore that donates to fund resources for any school, teacher, coach, other educator, or PTA/PTO of the shopper’s choice every time they purchase books, all year around. It is ideal for parents, grandparents, teachers, and anyone who buys books for kids.

Here is how you can easily benefit:

  • Visit
  • Take two minutes to create a wish list at our nonprofit partner’s website,, which will encourage shoppers to direct their bookstore donation to you (and make additional donations). If you want to raise money for more than one purpose, simply create a separate wish list for each
  • Share word of this new opportunity with parents and others in the community who will want to help, as well as with administrators, teachers, and coaches via the school website, member sites and blogs, social media, emails, Friday folders, and other means. Please feel free to grab our web banners.

Please download the flyer and post it at your school where teachers will see it. 


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We donate 7.5% of your net purchase price to provide student resources for the school or teacher of your choice. You can even direct part of the donation to pay student tuition or fees. Just follow the easy instructions on the checkout page.

Yes, homeschoolers, we serve you, too. Please see these instructions for homeschoolers.


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